What You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal

What is the Safety Rating for Skin Type?

All equipment that is used for laser hair removal must undergo an assessment before they are approved as safe. According to the Fitzpatrick international skin coding system, skin types are rated based on tone. The lightest skin tone, for example, is ranked #1 and the darkest is rated #6. All lasers are rated for safety based on this system. This means that a specific laser type must be used for a particular skin type. If the skin type is higher than what a specific laser is intended for, it could cause severe, even permanent, burns. Consumers should be aware which kind of laser is rated for their particular skin type. For example, a laser rated for the treatment of skin types that range from #1 to #4 should not be applied on skin types rated #5 or #6.

Are there nurses on your staff?

Laser clinics are not required to have a nurse on duty. At Off the Hook Laser and Spa, however, we have Registered Nurses on our staff to ensure the safety of our clients and enable insurance claims. Other clinics do not support income tax deductibles or insurance clinics. This is because these clinics employ technicians who are not medical practitioners. Revenue Canada and insurance companies reject claims if a technician performs the hair removal treatment. For an application to be considered acceptable, the treatment provider must either be a doctor or a nurse, either of whom is regarded as a medical practitioner.

How do I claim laser hair removal on my tax returns?

You could claim laser hair treatment on your income tax as long as you meet the requirements set by the government. These are as follows:

1) Hair removal treatment must have been prescribed by a medical doctor, and it must be done for medicinal purposes. Cases where hair removal is necessary due to an infection that results from ingrown hairs, for example, or unwanted hair is causing considerable physical and mental pain or discomfort, the cost of the treatment may be deducted from your income tax.

2) A medical practitioner such as a doctor or a nurse must perform the laser hair removal treatment. Keep in mind that you can claim only amounts that are over 3% of your net taxable income. To fully understand this process, talk to your accountant for more information.

Laser hair removal is included in my medical benefits. What else do I need to know?

For benefit packages that include laser hair removal Maple Ridge, you can expect to save as much as 80-100% of the cost of the treatment, which could amount to several hundred dollars. You will be pleased to know that insurance companies allow signed receipts from us, which means you are no longer required to provide a doctor’s prescription. If laser hair removal is included in your coverage, your treatments will be reimbursed as long as they were performed by a doctor or a nurse, or any medical practitioner. Make sure to request a nurse to complete your treatment so you can have it reimbursed.

Will my medical history be checked?

Yes. We consider your medical history significant for safe and effective treatment. We will have to screen you for potential medical problems and medications you may be taking or have taken that may be contraindicated with laser hair removal treatment. If we skip this part, you may suffer from serious problems. For example, your medication may be causing photosensitivity. If you undergo laser treatment, this could increase the likelihood of skin burns.

If you are taking medication/s, we want to ensure that our treatments are safe for you, so we will require that you are tested for a possible adverse reaction. The results will usually be available in 3-5 days. If a patient fails the test, we have to refuse or at least, delay treatment to ensure their safety. In cases where a patient has a medical issue that causes excessive hair growth, we will recommend that he/she have this issue treated first before undergoing any treatment. We recommend these steps because they are necessary for preventing severe skin damage. This is why we insist that all patients undergo the initial assessment first. As our patient, we also request that you provide us with accurate and complete information about yourself.

How do I prepare myself for the treatment?

We recommend that you stay away from the sun or any self-tanning equipment several weeks before, during, and after the treatment. We also recommend that you wear sunblock with at least an SPF 60.

If you happen to have tanned skin, we will use a lower setting on the laser hair removal equipment. The lower setting is not as effective in removing hair compared to higher settings, which means you will have to undergo more treatments.

To avoid injuries, you should avoid other hair removal methods 3-4 weeks before your first appointment. This includes tweezing, plucking, and waxing. Shaving or using a depilatory cream is allowed, along with bleaching. In general, you will have to have surface hair removed in the area that will receive the treatment the night before laser hair removal. Stop using light-sensitizing creams and any skin thinning medications, whether these are topical or oral. If you want further information, get in touch with us.

Can laser treatment treat all hair colours?

No. Our laser treatments are not effective on light blonde, gray, or white hair. If the hair removal clinic you go to promises to permanently remove these types of hair, make sure they present you with a written guarantee.

Is the treatment painful?

There are very few patients who experience pain during hair removal treatment. There are, however, treatments that can cause pain. These are treatments where the laser is delivered as a larger beam. Our clinic uses Cutera Coolguide, a laser hair removal treatment that features a patented cooling system that keeps you comfortable. We also use IPL, which helps remove hair without pain. When it is applied to your skin, the sensation is similar to the light snapping of an elastic band on your arm. We also use numbing gel for clients should they require it. Your comfort is important to us, so do not hesitate to let us know about your needs.

How frequent is the treatment for laser hair removal?

It varies. In general, you will need to have a follow-up treatment every four weeks for the facial area, and around six weeks for the neck, torso, and lower body. If you are undergoing treatment for your upper lip and bikini areas, you will have to undergo a follow-up treatment every six weeks. To ensure that your needs are met, our technician will give you a copy of your customized treatment schedule.

How To Start A Successful Laser Hair Removal Business

Both men and women seek out ways to remove unwanted hair, which makes the business of laser hair removal very lucrative. The medical procedure works by using a pulsating light beam to remove unwanted hair. The hair removal process usually requires a series of treatment sessions as well as maintenance appointments. Each state has its own set of rules and regulations, but in most cases, states require facilities to have staff with specific training certification as well as an appropriate amount of oversight from a doctor.

1. Find out more about the laser hair removal regulations in your area by contacting your local government or department of health services in your state. Find out which permits and licenses that you will need to obtain before providing laser treatment services. The state of Texas recognizes four different levels of laser hair removal technicians: apprentice, laser, senior, and certified. Each level has specific requirements. Texas technicians also need to have a minimum of one doctor who oversees protocol and who is available for emergency consultations.

2. Create a good business plan and decide how you will compete with existing laser hair removal clinics. You need to select the best way to finance your new business factoring in licensing and certification costs, staff requirements, and marking strategies. A laser hair removal system can cost up to $100, 000. You will need to decide how you will obtain capital. If you do not have personal savings that will cover your costs, you will need to consider taking out a business or personal loan.

3. Receive training and certification from a state-approved authority. You may want to consider obtaining further training that will enhance your business opportunities or hiring a certified electrologist, aesthetician, nurse, or dermatologist who can provide a high level of service to your customers.

4. Apply for required permits and licenses which include federal tax ID and a sales tax permit.

5. Find a great location for your new business. Consider renting commercial property in a busy shopping center or quality business park. Choose a quality section of town located near boutiques and upscale stores. Laser hair removal services are a luxury. Your clients will be a mix of female and male professionals between 21 and 45 years of age. Search for an excellent location that will appeal to this demographic.

6. Hire a competent medical director that provides clients with emergency consultations. He or she also needs to be capable of overseeing facility protocols. Then create a contract that states the details of all laser hair removal risks.

7. Get the proper license that you need to run your facility. Put up informative signs, including warning signs that include the toll-free phone number of state health services.

8. Buy a laser that is approved by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration), such as the Diode laser, Alexandrite laser, Nd: YAG laser or Ruby laser. You should contact manufacturers directly to discuss which laser best suits your business needs. Find out what training assistance you receive with your purchase. Palomar, Nidek, Cutera, Lumenis, Atlus Medical, Cynosure, and Candela are all reputable laser manufacturers.

9. Hire certified, professional, and friendly staff. Staff must include a certified technician at all times. You can hire an accredited tech or provide training to someone whom you can rely on when you are not there.

10. Advertise your business. Create a website and attractive brochures that describe your services and include detailed information about the members of your staff. List testimonials that let potential clients know that you provide quality service.

Although most businesses offering laser hair removal services are listed in directories online, many of them do not have a business website. It’s a good idea to create an up-to-date website that includes photos, customer testimonials, information about the procedures you offer, skincare advice, and related products.


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